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Peel9 Records Management and Analytics

Peel9 applications directly link people, places, vehicles, and criminal activity using information from a variety of sources.

Peel9 consists of a complete, self-contained suite of modules including:

  • Records Management integrated with Calls For Service
  • Offense and Non-Criminal Reporting (NIBRS and Non-NIBRS)
  • Case Management
  • Traffic Crash Module
  • Daily Activities Management and Reporting
  • Internal Record Review and Approval Process
  • Court Management
  • Call Management
  • Evidence and Property Room Management
  • Data Control
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Selective Data Sharing with Other Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Cloud Hosted on the Amazon Web Services Government Platform.

CJIS compliant systems provide cutting-edge security, data back up redundancy, and continuous feature enhancements. Agencies have the ability to download their data on either a scheduled basis or on-demand.

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Record Management System

Peel9 aggregates and condenses the many data points of the criminal justice system into a manageable amount of actionable data sources. Peel9 provides law enforcement agencies the ability to effortlessly:

  • Enter
  • Access
  • Integrate
  • Analyze
  • Visualize
  • Share their own data

Peel9 clearly displays analyzed information in an easily actionable format and can process an unlimited amount of agency records. Peel9 RMS assists agencies in:

  • Setting up secure data entry, retrieval and transfer portals
  • Internal and External reporting
  • Conducting real-time crime analysis
  • Conducting periodic data updates/transfers

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more about how Peel9 can assist your agency with its data and analytics needs or to schedule a demonstration of the Peel9 Records Management and Analytics System.

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Offense and Non-Criminal Reporting


The Peel9 data entry platform is interactive and will update the required fields based on the information entered, ensuring all NIBRS and Non-NIBRS reporting requirements are fulfilled. Each report page is validated prior to moving to the next, which ensures accurate reporting and reduces error rates.

Peel9 provides a user-friendly platform for:

  • Initial data entry to create reports
  • Field reporting
  • Review and Editing of created reports
  • Supervisory Approval of NIBRS and Non-NIBRS reports

Through the use of drop-down boxes and Master Name/Master Vehicle indexes, reporting is more efficient, which directly leads to increased patrol time and decreased out of service time needed to complete reports.

Make better operational and administrative decisions based on:

  • Data which is both easy to enter and access
  • Detailed analytics which lead to actionable solutions
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Case Management

Once an offense report has been entered into the Peel9 Records Management System, the Case Management Module provides our law enforcement partners the ability to efficiently manage their investigative functions in a secure platform that shares detailed case information with those authorized to see it.

Seamlessly integrating with the Peel9 RMS, the Case Management Module allows an agency to:

  • Assign cases to Detectives for an investigation
  • Monitor case progress by easily visualizing what has been done and what still needs to be done
  • Assign tasks
  • Manage the people, vehicles, and evidence associated with a case all in one convenient location.

These increased efficiencies will allow an agency to better manage their overall investigative functions and expand their ability to successfully close their criminal offenses in a timely manner. 

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Traffic Crash Module

Peel9 provides an easy to use self-contained platform that allows an agency to not only report their traffic crashes but to analyze the data about them so repeat locations and causative factors can be identified and acted upon.

The Peel9 Traffic Crash Module improves agency response to traffic crashes by easily analyzing:

  • Locations of traffic crashes
  • Causative factors 
  • Identifying the offender behavior types which are most likely to cause traffic crashes:
  • Speeding drivers
  • Impaired drivers 
  • Distracted drivers

Once location, causative factors and most likely offender behaviors are identified, traffic safety interventions can be developed that target all three areas, by narrowly targeting strategies and deploying police resources to the areas where traffic crashes are most likely to occur, in order to reduce their frequency.

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Court Management

Court Management systems are used in courts at every level of the justice system, including Mayor’s Courts who hear cases about traffic violations, minor misdemeanors, and violations of local ordinances.

Peel9's Court Management software provides the tools for jurisdictions to manage their case load, from case initiation to post-case disposition.

The Peel9 Court Management software includes:

  • Data entry and storage of case-by-case details  
  • Docket creation and scheduling
  • Fee and fine records
  • Online fee and fine payment processing
  • Direct submission/reporting to a State's Supreme Court.
  • Direct Linkage to the Peel9 Records Management System, which allows seemless auto population to the Court Management System.

By using the Peel9 Court Management System, jurisdictions can process their cases in a more timely manner and centralize important case information in one location.

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Evidence Room

The Peel9 Evidence and Property module allows an officer to enter recovered/found property and evidence into the system or track property/evidence that is already in the system. As the initial property information is added, Peel9 creates a QR code which can be scanned for more effective tracking and auditing.

The Peel9 Evidence and Property module also has 3 sub-modules:

  • The Chain of Custody module shows the status of the property: whether it is in the property room or checked out, if checked out - where it is and who checked it out and when, allowing an agency to maintain the chain of custody.
  • The Attachments module allows an officer to add pictures of an item or any other type of attachment related to the property.
  • The Stats module allow for quick property room auditing and shows:
  • The Current Property Status
  • The Number of Days the property has been in the room
  • The Year the property was entered into the property database
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Data Control

Current law enforcement record/data management systems contain a multitude of free form text boxes. As a result, collected data is neither standardized nor searchable making data retrieval difficult, especially at the operational level.

Often, there are no formal agency data dissemination plans at the operational level. Converting data to operational applications is left to individual agency members or police commanders and their personal abilities to translate agency data into an actionable street level strategy.

Data often requires initial entry (either paper or electronic), then a duplicate entry into another system for electronic storage, and possibly a third entry when transmitted to another agency. This severely limits shared data connectivity, data sharing, data integration, data transfer, and data gap analysis identification.

The Peel9 Records Management and Analytics System eliminates these concerns. By housing agency data in one place and providing easily accessed, built in analytics, the Peel9 RMS solution establishes a firm foundation upon which agencies will be able to access and share their data, both internally and externally, and more easily implement data-driven, evidence-based decision making across the agency.

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Data Analytics

Peel9 data analytics are a narrowly concentrated, data-driven, offender focused, place-based methodology. Peel9 data analytics are designed to analyze the relationship between both people and places, while also integrating other types of intelligence analysis and networking to better understand how people, places, and crime interact in an area.

In policing, nearly all “evidence-based” strategies require extensive analytical capability. Most notably, policing that focuses on geographic crime concentrations, such as problem-oriented policing, requires the identification of specific neighborhood crime attractors, while gun and gang-related violence reduction requires the identification of extensive criminal co-offending networks. Both crime strategies focus agency efforts on the small numbers of people and places that are disproportionately involved in crime in any jurisdiction.

Peel9 understands a small number of active criminal offenders regularly interact with a small number of places around them to drive the criminal justice system activities for an entire area.

A smaller analytic focus allows for:

  • Easier measurement of criminal/behavioral activity patterns
  • Better understanding of underlying criminal causative factors
  • Timely communication of these factors inside and outside agency
  • Development of timely and efficient crime reduction strategies
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Data Visualization

Many law enforcement agencies lack the capacity to visualize or analyze their own data due to being understaffed. For many agencies, existing data analysis primarily consists of year to date statistical comparisons on specific items of importance to different individual stakeholder groups.

Analytics processes and reporting are often not automated, resulting in historical data reporting, which limits effective real time use. Consistent law enforcement operational practices cannot be achieved without analysis to determine the primary locations and peak times that the targeted events are occurring.

The Peel9 Records Management and Analytics System allows law enforcement agencies to access their data in real time, then quickly visualize and analyze it to identify both current and historical patterns and trends.

These patterns and trends can then be used to develop data-driven, actionable strategies that can be implemented in the field, quickly evaluated for effectiveness and modified if need be.

Peel9 believes that Data only becomes Actionable Information when it is effectively analyzed. When investigators are able to determine where and when a crime occurred, what happened and who committed the crime, Data becomes Actionable Information.

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Call Management

Call Management is an application designed and developed by Peel9 that allows a law enforcement agency to document, report and administer their non emergency incoming phone calls in a manner that best fits the agency’s customer service requirements. The incoming calls and subsequent agency action taken can be easily documented in the Peel9 RMS for both reporting and analysis.

  • Decide how they want to handle a call for service within their agency
  • Send personalized agency responses to the callers
  • • Easily assign the caller’s requestfor service through Peel9’s existing modules:
  • RMS
  • Daily Activities
  • Peel9 Task Manager
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About Peel9

Peel9 Records Management and Analytics

Peel9, a 2020 Innovation-Technology award winner , is a University of Cincinnati Innovation Hub supported Records Management and Analytics company that serves the law enforcement community. The Peel9 team has over 100 years of combined experience in local and international law enforcement as well as extensive experience in the development of both software and technology solutions that make businesses more effective and efficient.

Why Peel9

We chose to honor Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing and his 9 core principles as they are still valid today. The Peel9 team strongly believes these 3 Core Peel Principles are key to the success of any law enforcement agency:

  • The goal is to prevent crime, not catching criminals. If the police stop crime before it happens, we don't have to punish citizens or suppress their rights. An effective police department doesn't have high arrest stats; its community has low crime rates.
  • The key to preventing crime is to earn public support. Every community member must share the responsibility of preventing crime as if they were all volunteer members of the force. They will only accept this responsibility if the community supports and trusts the police.
  • The police earn public support by respecting community principles. Winning public approval requires hard work to build a reputation: enforcing the laws impartially, hiring officers who represent and understand the community, and using force only as a last resort.

Why We Created Peel9

Our Records Management and Analytics System is built to help law enforcement agencies better incorporate these key Peel Principles into their daily activities by helping agencies gain a better understanding of what officers are doing, when they are doing it and where. By gathering good data and understanding it, officers can be deployed with a purpose.

The Peel9 Records Management and Analytics System (RMS) was created in response to demand from our existing analytics customers who needed a comprehensive, user-friendly RMS that could do more than serve as an electronic file cabinet. Peel 9 believes Data only becomes Actionable Information when it is effectively analyzed. When investigators can determine where and when a crime occurred, what happened and who committed the crime, Data becomes Actionable Information. Peel9's RMS is the best answer to the question of Is your agency actively using your data or are you just collecting it?

To learn more about how Peel9 can assist your agency or to schedule a demonstration of our Records Management and Analytics System, email your request to [email protected]


Using the Peel9 RMS, agencies are provided with extensive new insights into how they can improve their operational effectiveness and also maximize their limited resources. The Peel9 team offers a wide range of consulting services to better translate your agency's data and analytics into operational street strategies. To learn more about how Peel9 can assist your agency with our consulting services, email your request to [email protected]


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